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Dr. Chris Tsai

Team Chiropractor

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The Blackhawks are very fortunate to have the coaching staff we have. The coaching staff has extensive playing and coaching experience on the NFL level as well as the collegiate and Minor League level. This has translated to over a .909 winning percentage during the teams 25 years of existence. The Blackhawks have former Division I and Division II athletes, Minor League All Americans, and All-stars on their roster, as well as coaches with multiple years of coaching experience at the Minor League and college level.


For the years to come, the Blackhawks will look back at the first twenty-four years and be grateful of this group of individuals that not only volunteer their time but made sure the Blackhawks weren't the typical Minor League team. Because of the group of athletes that have become part of the Blackhawk family, the Blackhawks are not only competitive but have been in the league championship game in 22 out of its 24 playing seasons. The Blackhawks will continue to pride itself on discipline, athleticism, and continuous community service.


Coach Tony Reid
Head Coach

Coach Tim Lane
Head Coach

Coach Danny Henry
Linebackers Coach


Coach John Colca
Defensive Coordinator