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The Inglewood Blackhawks welcome you to their 25th season of play and current members of the Gridiron Professional Developmental Football League. The Blackhawks media relations department strives to make its players, coaches, and other personnel available in a timely and responsible manner to all accredited members of the media. The Inglewood Blackhawks team is excited to have Sean Reid as their Director of Marketing, Sponsorship's, Public / Media Relations. Sean is considered an exceptional sports and media relations professional with his direct focus on not-for-profit, lower economic based organizations for over a decade. Sean has many ties and connections with the local community which will bring in some profitable sponsors while getting the Blackhawks name more notable in the community.  With three national championships, 10 league championships, and most recently our 20th conference title, the 2023 season is sure to provide many exciting moments. In an effort to provide a professional working environment, the following guidelines have been established for the upcoming season.



Press credentials for working media and photographers for Blackhawk home games will be handled by the Public Relations office. All credentials requests should be directed to Sean Reid, Director of Media Relations. Requests must be sent on company letterhead via e-mail, fax or U.S. mail. Any credential requests will be handled by mail if time permits, if not they will be left at the will call on the day of the game. Credentials are good for admittance to the Press Room and both teams post-game locker rooms. Media must wear their credentials in plain view at all times. All credentials are non-transferable and any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to ejection from the arena.


In-Season Interviews

All of the Inglewood Blackhawk players, coaches and staff are available to the media throughout the 2023 season. Interviews should be arranged through Sean Reid. 


Game Day Interview Policy

All pre-game interviews may take place on the field up to 90 minutes prior to kickoff. For help in locating players or coaches for interviews, please contact any member of the Blackhawk staff. Visiting team interview requests should be made through the visiting team's media relations contact or by notifying a member of the Blackhawks media relations staff.


Locker-Room Interviews

The locker rooms are off-limits to the media prior to kickoff. The rooms will re-open after the game following a league-mandated 10-minute "cooling-off" period. The officials' locker room is off-limits at all times to members of the media. 


Practice Attendance

The Blackhawks will practice at their home field of Jackie Robinson Stadium. In the event that the stadium is not available to the team, practice will then be held on the adjacent field at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex in Los Angeles. Please notify the media relations department if you plan to attend practice.



Only photographers on assignment with the proper credentials will be allowed access to designated photography locations surrounding the field of play.


Press Lounge

Media with the appropriate credentials are invited to have a pre-game meal in the press lounge. The press lounge will open two (2) hours before kick-off. Press lounge usage is limited to members of the media with the appropriate Blackhawk or GDFL/PSI credentials. Family, friends, and guests are not allowed in the press lounge. Abuse of press lounge privileges may result in the forfeiture of a media pass.

Game Night Services

Press notes, flip charts, programs and other pertinent information will be furnished by the Blackhawks Media Relations Department. Halftime statistics, as well as first and third quarter "quickie" stats, will be available in the press room and final statistical books will be made available approximately 25 minutes after the conclusion of the game. Fax requests should be made to a member of the Blackhawks media relations staff.


Press Entrance

Members of the media should enter Jackie Robinson Stadium through the entrance at the East side of the Stadium. There is no assigned parking for the members of the media.


Press Seating

Press seating is extremely limited. Seats are reserved for beat writers and members of the Cultivatorz and Tom Nohatz film crew in addition to any cable station featuring our game. If you are not with any of the two mentioned film crews, you must call the Blackhawks Corporate office to CONFIRM a seat on press row. Press row seating is located in the press box above the west bleachers.


Inglewood Blackhawks on the Net

For more information on the team and staff, visit the Inglewood Blackhawks online at

You can visit the league website at www.gdfl.orf

Contact information

Sean Reid, Director of Marketing, Sponsorships, Public / Media Relations at

Tel: (424) 262.4510

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