The Inglewood Blackhawks take pride in sending our players to the next level. Our purpose here is not to keep players here forever, but to move them on to a paid professional level of football. Each year, we receive a little more exposure by sending our players to the next level. With a tradition of winning and sending qualified players to professional leagues, now general managers from several professional leagues are now actively contacting the Blackhawks in pursuit of players. Below is a list of players that have been moved on to the professional ranks as well as 4 year institutions.


Below is a list of players that have been moved on to the professional ranks as well as 4 year institutions.

Mark Estelle                          Houston Texans (NFL), Montreal Allouettes (CFL)

Donald Carpenter              Lazio Marines (NFL Italy), Duesseldorf Panthers (GFL)

Kori Dickerson                    Hamilton Tigercats (CFL)

Ty Evans                                   San Diego Shockwave (NIFL Arena), Arizona Adrenaline (AIFA)

Rashaun Sanders              Sioux City Bandits (UIFL Arena)

Carlos Malfavon                 San Diego Riptide (AF2 Arena)

John Cousins                        Tennessee Valley Vipers (AF2 Arena), Port Huron Pirates (CIFL)

J.J. Johnson                             Bakersfield Blitz - (AF2 Arena)

John Sloan                              Ohio Valley Greyhounds (UIFL Arena), Miami Valley Silverbacks (CIFL)

Kyle Thorne                           Billings Mavericks (NIFL Arena)

Damion Ward                       Alaska Wild (IFL Arena)

Dillon Trankina                   Baylor University (NCAA)

Travon Magee                      Baltimore Mariners (AIFA Arena), Tennessee Valley Vipers (AF2 Arena)

Tony Mabon                          Tennessee Thundercats (NIFL Arena)

Justin Garland                     Billings Mavericks (NIFL Arena)

Texx Ward                              Tennessee Thundercats (NIFL Arena)

Elton Seals                            Tri-Cities Fever (AFL Arena)

Vincent Puaina                   Albany Conquest (AF2 Arena)

Shawn Shamsid-Deen   San Angelo Stampede (IFL Arena)

Rashaad Reed                     Los Angeles Lynx (NIFL Arena)

Andre Velazquez                Alaska Wild (IFL)

Dwight Hamilton                New Mexico Stars (AIF)

Thyrell Lewis                        Duke City Gladiators(CIFL)

Thyron Lewis                         Jacksonville Sharks  (NAL)

Wooda Armstrong              Pardubice Bucks - Czech Republic (Overseas)

Cory Butler                            Vukovi Belgrade - Serbia (Overseas)

D.J. Carter                                San Diego Strikeforce  (IFL)

Devin Jones                           San Diego Strikeforce  (IFL)

Devin Gage                             San Diego Strikeforce  (IFL)

Shaine Boyle                         San Diego Strikeforce  (IFL)