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Inglewood Preparing for another run at the GDFL National Championship

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (January 13, 2023) -- As the 2023 GDFL season approaches kickoff in June of this year, the Inglewood Blackhawks are hard at work preparing for another successful season. Last year the Blackhawks fell to the Syracuse Storm 24-20 in the national championship game in Las Vegas Nevada but the actual loss to the Storm wasn't the brunt of the impact, but the disappointment of how we played in that game. That will change in 2023 as Inglewood has reshuffled the deck in a few areas to get the maximum out of each one of it's players and coaches. "As a owner you have to go with the facts" stated Tony Reid. We definitely don't need to re-invent the wheel but we do have to tweak a few things here and there. Our retention of players from 2022 is at about 95% and we have added some amazing bombshells to what we already have. Inglewood will have their annual Kickoff Meeting on Saturday, February 25th and I'm sure there will be some big signings at the conclusion of that meeting.

Winning 10 league championships and 3 national championships are an accomplishment in itself and you would think that would be great to take into history but each year you want a little bit more and more. I think the Blackhawk players are, "ALL IN" for a great run to a championship in 2023.


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