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Chambers looks to return in 2020 with a Vengeance

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (9/12/19) -- After injuring his knee last season on a freak accident after hurdling a defender, WR Brandon Chambers has worked super hard to get back to 100% but it's looking like he's gotten to 200%. The speedy WR has been a starter on the LDFL Champion Inglewood Blackhawks for the past three seasons and is known for not only the touchdown and big yard games but his fierce blocking skills. "Chambers earned his stripes on this Blackhawk O with his great blocking skills" stated Blackhawk head coach Tony Reid. He's also a solid option for QB Robert Fuller Sr. whenever he's looking for a first down or a certain amount of yards. "I can't wait for Chambo to get back" stated Fuller. Chambers seems to be on a mission as can be seen in his rehab on IG and Facebook. "Last season I felt like I was on my way to one of my best seasons but 2020 will be mine" stated Chambers. I can't wait to line it back up with DJ, Gage, Billy, Justin, Moye, and Leekins. And from what I'm hearing Colca (General Manager) has another solid receiver coming in. I can't wait to get back with the bros. Watch out for Inglewood as they prepare to defend the title.

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